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Green Deal Quality Mark

May 14, 2013

The Green Deal Quality Mark is the new industry standard for accredited installers.

It not only demonstrates a contractor’s compliance with the scheme’s guidelines, but highlights their skill and expertise within the energy saving measures they provide to their customers.

Once an installer becomes Green Deal certified, they will be able to display the Green Deal Quality Mark on all their promotional media, including their website, company brochure and mail-outs.

The Green Deal Quality Mark is an excellent way to promote your business as a registered Green Deal installer. Once attaining full accreditation, you will also be able to access Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funding to reduce the installation costs of critical home improvements for specific customer groups. This can be facilitated through a Green Deal Provider.

Find out how you can connect to the Hub’s Provider.

The Green Deal Quality Mark is trademarked by the secretary of state for Energy and Climate change; it must be used in consistency and not altered. It is a method in which to build quality and trust and reassure customers that your work is of the highest quality and that your installations are safe. Once certified you can also list your company with the Green Deal Oversight Body, where consumers and other industry partners can go online to find certified Green Deal installers.

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