Conference Will Look At Green Deal Progress

UK-GBC is holding a half day conference which will examine the first six months of the Green Deal.

It will be an opportunity for industry and government to talk openly and honestly about the initial successes and failures of the scheme and begin to learn lessons that will shape the future of the policy.

Many commentators have been quick to criticise areas of the Green Deal and despite an encouraging number of early assessments and a significant number of organisations signing up to deliver the scheme, doubts remain. So what have been the successes and achievements so far? What lessons can be learned to help improve the scheme? And how can the policy be developed to make it a success?

Six months after the launch and timed to follow the release of the first comprehensive set of statistics on implemented Green Deal plans, the Green Deal: six months on event will offer attendees a platform to share their on-the-ground experiences, and give their views on how the scheme could be developed to be a success.

The event will also see the publishing of a UK-GBC Task Group report looking at how incentives might be used to drive uptake of the scheme. The Retrofit Incentives Task Group has been examining financial incentives which can encourage the take up of energy efficiency measures among householders. Having examined a large range of possible options, the Group is launching its final report with proposals for the three most promising incentives: variable Stamp Duty, variable Council Tax and an Energy Efficiency Feed-in-Tariff.

Posted on Jun 10, 2013.

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