Springwell Gardens, Leeds

We have been involved in the project since late 2022 undertaking the Electrical & Solar packages. The project is entering the final stages.

Springwell Gardens’ unique, design and statue, marks a departure from the city’s existing residential developments, creating a new relationship of building to skyline. Thoughtful interior design is combined with private, south-facing roof terraces and a residents-only garden to provide extra living spaces. The result; a progressive inside-outside living experience that encourages inclusive communities for people to experience the best of city living in our ever-evolving city.

Leeds has a large population of affluent young renters, especially in the city centre, but a shortfall in housing development has meant supply cannot keep up with demand. Rental prices have spiked and people are crying out for quality, affordable accommodation.

Enquiries at https://www.holmeshaw.com/springwell-gardens-leeds

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