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Solar Panels For Your Commercial Business

Commercial Solar Panels represent a secure, risk free and extremely profitable opportunity for Businesses of all sizes, with a great Return on investment.

Working with blue-chip companies, local authorities and SMEs across all industry sectors, Ecogise specialise in commercial solar panels and provide UK businesses with a full turn-key design, installation and maintenance service for solar PV.

Due to the particularly high returns that solar (PV) panels deliver, this technology is one of the most popular sustainable solutions to date. Thousands of UK businesses have now switched to solar to power their operations.

We are solar PV experts and have seen the industry develop throughout our 10-years in operation. Our consultative approach to solar offers you industry leading advice, high quality installation and an award-winning service.

The Ecogise Group Of Companies

Benefits of Solar Panels

There are significant financial and environmental benefits for businesses that invest and install commercial solar panels.

Less than a decade ago, solar panels were considered a niche and experimental technology. Ten years on, solar has become the fastest growing energy source worldwide. Technology, politics and finance have aligned to move the technology into the mainstream; solar is now a mass-produced product, delivered at a cost-competitive price. In fact, whilst energy prices have increased year on year, the price of installing solar has plummeted.

Ecogise have been installing Solar Panels since 2012 and many installation companies from the same era have ceased trading. We are still very much a key installer in the industry.