DECC defends ‘extremely valuable’ Green Deal

Green Deal assessments are helping to make homes more efficient despite limited take-up, according to new research published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

DECC’s research purports that Green Deal assessments are effective agents of change; according to the research, more than 80% of households who have had a Green Deal assessment ‘have already, are in the process of or intend to install at least one energy efficiency home improvement.’

In addition, 56% of households have already installed at least one measure recommended by the assessment, with a further 6% in the process of installing a recommended measure.

Those surveyed described the Green Deal process as a positive one, with 78% noting that the assessment was ‘highly useful’, with 72% saying they would recommend one to friends and family.

However, the research confirms that high interest rates associated with the scheme is hampering uptake. Only 24% of those who has a Green Deal assessment and are planning to install measures indicated that they intended to take out a Green Deal plan.

Commenting on the results of the research, energy and climate change secretary Edward Davey said: “Green Deal assessments are proving to be extremely valuable and are leading to householders investing in energy saving measures.”

Davey added: “It’s clear that Green Deal assessments are helping people to make their homes more energy efficient. This is hugely encouraging and exactly what the Green Deal is designed to do.”

DECC surveyed 500 households who had a Green Deal assessment between 1 April and 30 June 2013.

Posted on Oct 04, 2013.

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