Get the Facts on Free Solar Panels

Free solar panels are good but nothing comes for free !

So wheres the catch?

The problem with signing up to have free panels installed is that you dont qualify for the governments feed in tarrif scheme (FITS) and the company who installed the system or an investor they are working on behalf of claims your benefit.

By owning your own system you qualify for the governments feed in tarrif scheme (FITS) for 25 years tax free !

The average system takes around 7 years to pay for itself leaving you the rest of the term to cash in on your investment.

The Guardian newspaper wrote an article telling householders to be wary of “solar for free” offers.

The article looks at the “rent your roof” model offered by some solar pv installation companies. It includes advice from industry professionals, who say: “homeowners would almost certainly be better off paying for the solar panels themselves, even taking into account interest on a loan for the upfront cost of around £10,000 for a typical home.”

Posted on Jul 19, 2012.

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