Why Choose Solar PV?

1) Reduces electricity bills
Solar PV will reduce your businesses running costs during daylight hours and therefore either provide you with an opportunity to reduce your sale cost or increase your gross profit margins.

2) The business will get paid
The government backed incentive also generates revenue from all of the energy that you produce. Basically once you have generated it we meter that energy and your energy provider will pay you for it, whether you use it onsite or sell it back into the grid.

3) Energy can be sold back to the grid
The energy that is produced is available for use on site before it can be exported back into the grid. When your energy demand onsite is less than what you are generating it will be sold back to the grid. This will also be metered with an export meter in many cases.

4) It reduces a business’s carbon footprint
As you will know many businesses will now be paying a Climate Change Levy on any energy purchased and there are increasing levels of expectation for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint, although this phrase has been overused in the past decade it has been enforced with legislation now and this will increase year on year up until 2020.

5) It can be extended in line with any business expansion plans:
Once our customers have Solar PV installed we are frequently asked if they can have more. Yes, of course you can, these systems are designed to be “modular” and if you expend your facility in the future we can “add” another array to your site. So don’t hold back because in the future you could have more, start saving today and just look to save more in the future.

6) No worries about costly maintenance
Solar PV is a truly low risk, high reward investment. The maintained cost associated with Solar are minimal due to the lack of moving parts. The warranties that are being offered are increasing year on year as confidence grows in our emerging industry. We will provide a full 5 year warranty on all of our work and only work with materials that carry the same term as a minimum.

Posted on Aug 14, 2015.

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